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All of our meals are fresh and homemade. Most of our dishes include plant based ingredients. We try to minimalise food surpluses and work with recovery materials for the interior decoration. We try to work local and seasonal where possible.


We love everything that is neat and tidy. Whether it concerns an interior, a cocktail, a dish or a Christmas card, we always try to generate a positive feeling in the customer through the appearance of our creations.

Good Food

We love all kinds of tasty and quality food and want to share that passion with our customers.


As a bar in the heart of Brussels, we like to help the neighborhood and work together with local initiatives.

In Café De Markten you can make someone else happy with a delayed coffee. You order and pay for a delayed coffee and we give it to someone who really needs it. This way, you can also contribute something to the neighborhood!

Our fresh and seasonal ingredients come from nearby city gardens and are delivered with a cargo bike. The gardens are maintained by Atelier Groot Eiland vzw, an organization in the social economy.


De Markten is a Flemish community centre at the heart of Brussels. The accompanying café is located on the Oude Graanmarkt, a car-free square with cosy terraces beneath the plane trees. Parents can relax here for a bit while their children have fun in the outdoor playground. The impressive facade of the building dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century, when Val Saint-Lambert wanted a storage space and sales point in Brussels. The building itself was completed in the nineteenth century. The café was thoroughly renovated in 2017. The vintage furniture, mirror walls and arsenal of plants, among things, create a fun and cosy atmosphere.

Café De Markten is an ideal place to meet people for a chat, have some food together, work or read a book.

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